Tips For Choosing a Garden Water Hose

From gardening to lawn care, a garden hose is a key piece of equipment for all your outdoor tasks.

From gardening to lawn care, a garden hose is a key piece of equipment for all your outdoor tasks. Garden hoses also as known as ‘water hoses’ or ‘hose pipes’, is a long-term investment for your garden or yard. It’s hard to choose the right garden hose when it comes to so many shapes and sizes. The best choice depends on your needs, so please read on for the 3 kinds of garden hoses.


Basic Types of garden hose

Standard garden hose

Standard garden hoses are made from vinyl or rubber, sometimes with reinforcing mesh or layers. To have an overview of types of materials, vinyl hoses are usually less expensive and more lightweight to carry, better for basic garden watering needs. Vinyl hoses are prone to splitting, leaking, and kinking. Rubber hoses are heavier and stronger than vinyl hoses, of course, more expensive. They come with higher burst pressure, and you can easily bend them regardless of temperature and weather conditions.

Flat garden hose

Flat garden hoses as the name implies, look round when filled with water, but flatten when empty and not in use. They are easy to roll up to save storage space and are lightweight due to the design. Because they have to be flexible to collapse when empty, they’re usually made of lightweight material that typically won’t last as long. Flat hoses are also sold with a hose reel for an all-in-one package.

Expandable garden hose

Expandable hoses don’t require much space and they expand to three times their length when filled with water. And they even drain themselves when you turn the water off. Expandable hoses are combined by two parts, the stretchy inner core, and the protective outer layer. The stretchy inner cores are susceptible to abrasion and punctures if used by themselves. The outer layer is often made from nylon to protect the core from punctures and abrasions. 

Compared with other types of garden hoses, expandable garden hoses could do all the work, meantime more portable and lightweight. So for an easy choice from various garden hoses, an expandable garden hose is always the best one.

Important considerations before your purchase

Before you select the right one, you need to take 4 important considerations to choose the best garden hose.

Length: To make yourself more clear about the length needed, you’d better measure out the farthest place of your garden to find out the right length to water all areas. But longer is not always better. It’s heavier to move the garden hose around and to drain it, even causing lower water pressure.  

Diameter: The diameter of the garden hose is measured based on internal diameter rather than external diameter. A larger diameter means a bigger water flow that you can water more area at the same time, meanwhile, the pressure could be a little lower. Generally, 12mm or 14mm diameters could provide a better combination of water flow and water pressure.

Strength: Garden hose strength is measured in “burst pressure,” which is the amount of water pressure that it takes to rupture the hose. You’d better choose a garden hose with a burst pressure rating four times that of the pressure at the spigot, which could provide a buffer in case of extreme fluctuations in pressure.

Couplings: Garden hoses use couplings to attach to the spigot and nozzles at each end. Plastic couplings are more lightweight but could flimsy and crack easily. It’s better to look for metal couplings to make the connector more durable and leak-resistant.

Brief introduction of our expandable garden hose

Length: Our expandable garden hoses expand to 3 times longer when loaded with water and shrink when not in use, making them easy to store and maneuver around your yard

Nozzle: This expandable garden hose come with a spray nozzle have 7 different spraying functions with a soft grip handle. Just rotate the nozzle to give 7 patterns including center, shower, cone, full, mist, jet, and flat.

Adaptors: Supplied with adapters for any third-party accessories and a tap adaptor for connection to your tap.

Material: Their inner shell made of latex forms a hard wall around the hose and protects the core from punctures and abrasion. And the outer material is usually made of extremely flexible and tough polyester fabric to protect the inner latex core well.

Weight: Flexible hoses provide the best solution to help you finish your work efficiently. It is kink free to use and easy to operate making garden irrigation easier for you. 

Water pressure: This expandable garden hose comes with a high-pressure standard from 4 bar up to 12 bar, suitable for watering gardens, cleaning vehicles, filling ponds, and even cleaning BBQ ovens.


If you have any questions about our garden hose, please contact us freely.

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