Our Story

Common values of human beings '' harmony between man and nature''

The concept of " harmony between man and nature" has led human through the era of agricultural civilization.   Since modern times, industrial civilization has brought environmental destruction and resource depletion, leading to a series of problems of sustainable social and environmental development. Therefore, more and more people began to practice the concept of "harmony between nature and man" again, and the interactive coexistence and harmonious development of natural ecologyand economy as well as culture became a part of human civilization. 

The world is interdependent and changing. The concept of  ' harmony between man and nature' belongs to human and increasingly to all of you.


Brand philosophy and mission 

Homecall adheres to the value of " harmony between nature and man " and the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind. With outdoor products as the carrier, Homecall advocates the way of nature.  Homecall aims to promote the harmonious relationship between human beings and nature, lead the outdoor journey close to nature, and pass on the sustainable concept of symbiosis between man and nature. 

Homecall's mission is to help everyone to build a comfortable and relaxed outdoor home! 


Brand development 

Before the new Homecall brand was created in 2017, we had many years of deep technical cultivation, innovative breakthrough and global sales . Product series include beach series/camping series/garden series/fishing tackle series. 

Homecall has won high praise from consumers in environmental protection concept/comfort/durability/beauty/function by virtue of its exploration of environmental protection materials/ergonomics/production process/new technology, and has also obtained many patents.