Features and Benefits of Having A Solar Charger When Outdoors

Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant power source in the world.

What is solar energy?

Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant power source in the world. As solar radiation is the largest source of energy received by the earth, if sunlight radiated to the earth's surface can be well collected, 2 hours amount of solar power could handle the entire world’s consumption for a full year. Converting sunlight into electrical energy directly, solar power provides an eco-friendly way for both human development and nature.

Although people have various ways to convert solar power into usable energy, a solar panel is still the best solution for both consumers and businesses. The solar panel is a very flexible energy tech, which can be built as distributed generation and utility-scale solar power plant.


What is a solar panel/charger?

Solar panel, as known as solar charger, is the best charging solution for outdoor activities. While having fun in nature, doesn’t mean disconnection from electric devices. A solar panel can convert sunlight into electricity, you can just plug and charge your portable devices, or collect solar power into a power bank for further use.

Foldable solar panel is the most popular choice for outdoor camping. With the compact volume and foldable design, solar panel is suitable for hiking, camping, backpacking, and any other outdoor activities. All you need to do is unfold the solar panel and place it toward the sunlight, and then charge your mobile phone, laptop, or camera. But take care, the solar panel only produces power and without any storage, you can collect the solar power by using a power bank. 


How do solar panels work?

Solar panel works by capturing the sun’s radiation energy and turning it into electricity. Sunshine contains many tiny bits of energy called photons. When you put the solar panel in the sunshine, the photons hit the top layer of the solar panel, causing electrons to flow through the bottom layer. The movement of electrons generates direct current (DC) electricity into an inverter and then converts DC electricity to AC (alternating current) electricity. We can directly use DC electricity generated by solar panel to charge our devices, totally the same as what we do at home.


Features of having a solar panel when camping

Get rid of electricity anxiety: Having no electricity is a kind of pain when going outdoors. Camping doesn’t mean that you must stay away from your modern lifestyle, we use mobile phones or cameras to record happy moments, but charging the devices may bring you some anxiety. Solar panels can be useful to create electricity in any place to charge your portable devices. 

0 carbon emission: When we travel outdoors, environmental protection is always the top topic during the trip. Unlike fossil fuels, solar panels don’t produce any carbon emissions while generating energy. Wherever there is sunshine, there is chargeable energy. By harnessing the energy of the sun, anyone can charge their legion of devices rather than carrying physical batteries or draining the battery in their vehicle or camper.

Easy to carry: Thanks to efficiency advances and cost decreases in solar cells, portable solar chargers are finally proving to be a viable means of providing electricity outdoors. 

Easy to use: It’s totally easy for everyone to use, just unfold the solar charger, and find a spot where the sun directly shines. Charge the unit outside and make sure there is no shade or any obstacle in the way. Position the charger so the solar panel faces the sun directly. 


Why choose ENFRIFAM Solar Panel? 

High suitability: ENFRIFAM has a variety of conversion joints suitable for different devices. The intelligent charging technology is equipped with a built-in intelligent IC chip that intelligently recognizes your device to maximize charging speed while protecting your device from overcharging and overloading. 

Waterproof: ENFRIFAM has an IP65 waterproof level which means fully waterproof, and it can withstand extreme weather conditions even torrential downpours. The cloth bag is made of waterproof 1200D polyester fabric, which makes it easily withstands all environments, perfect for camping, hiking, trekking, trips, and other leisure activities. 

Easy to carry: Our solar panels are light, portable, and pack down easily to carry while backpacking, camping, or hiking. After use, stow the bracket and close the buckle. The black handle is convenient for carrying.

High conversion efficiency: Our 100W solar panel uses advanced, high-efficiency lamination technology to pack more solar cells into the same area than other foldable solar panels, resulting in up to 23% conversion efficiency. Thanks to the class A monocrystalline solar cells connected in series, the solar panels can deliver more power even in shading.

More types of output: This product has a total of 5 outputs. With a 30W Type-C output, a 24W USB 3.0 output, and an 18W USB output, you can easily charge your smartphone, tablet, camping lamp, and other devices. There are also two DC outlets for charging your laptop,  portable generator, or 12V car battery, and we've also included an Anderson adapter for your convenience.

Homecall X ENFRIFAM. 

If you have any questions about our solar charger, feel free to contact us.

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