How to choose a camping chair?

Allen 2022-09-27
No matter if you’re camping at a wild campsite or heading into a state park, choosing the right camping chair can definitely enhance your outdoor experience.

No matter if you’re camping at a wild campsite or heading into a state park, choosing the right camping chair can definitely enhance your outdoor experience. After a long period of hiking, climbing, biking, and other outdoor activities, a comfortable camping chair at the campsite can make you recover quickly and enjoy a good rest.  


How to choose a camping chair?
We made this camping chair selection guide to help you identify your needs within 2 minutes.


6 factors needs to be considered before your purchase

Price: From $20 to over $100, higher price always means better product quality. While choosing the best camping chair for yourself, you need to consider your frequency and luxury requirements.

Comfort: Camping lovers need to consider their body size when choosing the right camping chair. Meantime you need to determine if the camping chair will be used with your picnic table together. If the table is too high and the chairs are too low, it may be inconvenient for you to enjoy picnic.

Portable: For people who enjoy hiking, the small enough size and lighter material can help adjust the ratio of your load to your body weight, making you more energetic during the hiking process. 

For other camping occasions, it’s also a best choice to pick up the lighter ones. Two folding methods need to be selected; one is folded into carry bags for a long road trip. The other one is directed folded, suitable for RV travels.

Max Load Capacity: Weight capacity is the most critical feature of a camping chair. For most of our camping chairs, the max load capacity is up to 120kg, with the better ones of 150kg or higher.

Fabric: We list up 5 kinds of fabrics usually used in our camping chairs.

Ø  600D polyester: Strong and tough, easily cope with casual collision and friction, has strong tear resistance; 

Ø  Textilene: High temperature resistance, good breathability, waterproof and UV protection. Textilene can be directly washed with water;

Ø  RIP-Stop fabric: More high-end with good tear resistance; 

Ø  3D Mesh: Breathable, soft and comfortable;

Ø  Olefin: UV resistant, soft and comfortable.

Extra Features: Some of other extra features should be considered, such as cup holders, side bags, arm supports and extendable cushions. You can freely choose some of them above.

The camping chairs also have different design styles. We've picked out 5 types of camping chairs which also usually the most popular and most sold, to help you quickly pick up the best chair for camping.


Foldable director chair


The unique look of the director chair, which was originally reserved for filmmakers in Hollywood, is suitable for any situation. Director chair is perfect for a camping event or adding a seat to your next holiday party. Director chairs are available in a variety of styles and different heights, colors, and materials.

Usually, director chairs use aluminum or steel frames with powder coating, very durable, and up to 120kg weight load. Our director chair, with fabrics including double-layer 600D polyester, is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and also very easy for cleaning and maintenance. 


Regular folding chair


Regular folding chairs are available in a wide variety of styles. Different from the director chair, the folding chair emphasizes comfort and expandability when sitting down. At the same time, with the aluminum and steel frame, it also has good strength and 120kg maximum loading capacity.

Our folding chairs are very portable and easy to fold. With beverage holders and side pocket on both sides of handrail, it’s very convenient to place your phone, magazines, and ipad. Meanwhile, we have equipped a carrying bag for the folding chair, which is very convenient to carry whether you are using it in your yard or driving out camping.


Moon chair

If you would like to spend some relaxing leisure time outdoors, a moon chair is a perfect choice. The round moon chair, whether placed indoors or outdoors, will bring you a comfortable experience.

Comfort is the most important factor of a moon chair. It is important to choose the right size, as well as the right cushion material. Our moon chair has four legs, and it’s more stable than a two-legged moon chair. While ensuring portability and low weight, the steel frame ensures the stability of the moon chair, making it more durable.


Garden Chair(Sun Lounger)


Sun lounger is a kind of chair for garden. It becomes an integral part of the decoration of your terrace and garden or pool. Although it’s very large and inconvenient to carry, it is very comfortable and casual of garden time. With the fabric of 4*4 textilene with quick dry foam, and stable plastic connector, makes the chair breathable, fast drying and load-bearing.


RV Camping Chair 


After several hours of driving your RV, it’s important to having a comfortable place to rest. Considering the limited space inside an RV, you will appreciate it if you have a comfortable RV chair.

With kinds of fabrics to choose for a RV chair, such as 600D Polyester, RIP-Stop, 3D Mesh and Olefin, you can choose the right fabric according to your camping needs and comfort preference. RV chairs have no outer pocket, but it is very easy to fold, which is more suitable for camping, garden, balcony, indoor and other places. And RV chairs won’t take up a lot of space after folded flat or upright on the ground.


Today, we especially recommend a luxury folding camping chair.

COST-EFFECTIVE: Our folding chairs are produced in our own factory, you can get higher quality products for less money.

FOLDABLE & PORTABLE: Our camping chair folds easily in seconds and weighs only 6.2kg, making it easy to carry.

SAFETY FRAME: Strong steel tube X-shaped fixation, with double layer 600D polyester padded fabric, can support up to 150kg.

COMFORT:  High ergonomic strap pads with padded armrests on both sides, so it doesn't feel hard or uncomfortable to sit in the chair for long periods.

OCCASION: Each leg has a rotating foot, making the chair suitable for a variety of terrains, and providing more stability and safety.

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